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Kazkas's gameplay for Dark Souls (X360)

Kazkas played Dark Souls

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Kazkas said...
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Kill queezag,kill the fire demon and then escape from the demon goat.Now heading fro Anor Londo.This game is a true experience!!!
Dark Souls

Dark Souls (X360)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Action/RPG Adventure
Release Date: 04/OCT/11
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I remember I got to the queen much earlier than I was supposed to and she owned me. Then I got my revenge :)

I killed queelag at 40 level.She wasn't that hard.I face her on the frontline and then put me on her side for slash her.She can't bring me with lava and sword.I forget the explosion if you put you on this side the explosion cause you less damage then you escape in her range.
haha i think i went much earlier than that. I was just exploring and ended up in that area.. but That is what I like about the game. If things are too hard you can see it as a challenge.. or take it as a hint to try another path or area.
We all want to splendor the goodness of this game. That is something we all would want to have right there. - Flemings Ultimate Garage
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